To help you have the tough conversations, make the tough decisions, and comprehensively get your affairs in order beyond just creating a Will.

We're here to help you navigate through life's tough decisions.


We make it tangible with easy to use tools and interfaces.

We make recording and sharing information easy. We walk you through the process of creating relevant documents which can then be stored securly against your profile and shared with family or friends at any time.



Our process guides you through a series of questionnaires, checklists and tasks that help you make confident decisions and create necessary documents.

We start the conversation & ask the important questions.

We focus on life, from beginning to end.

From what to do with pets, Facebook, your final years, or Mum's legendary lasagna recipe, we'll ensure every detail is covered so that you can get on with living.

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"My husband and I are planners. We used Airloom to understand the guardianship process and select our guardians before the birth of our first daughter. It was so incredibly helpful! I cannot stress that enough: It meant when she arrived we could focus on her and not have the anxiety around what if? Thanks to Airloom we now feel confident that she will be taken care of no matter what."

Anna & Brian

"Going through Airloom's process raised important considerations my husband and I had not thought about with regards to guardianship for our children. It also motivated and equipped us to have key conversations within our family. The resulting piece of mind is priceless. Thank you Airloom! "


"I am now using the conversations we had about aging parents and the checklist and questionnaire to inform what/how we talk about the next chapter. Lots of important considerations and Airloom has really helped me organize my thoughts. Thank you!!! Real value add!!!"

Listen to their stories.

Although Ailoom is still in development, we've been busy researching and testing products. Hear what users testing the site have been saying about the concept and how Airloom has helped them so far. 

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Email us at or head over to our contact page.

A design for life.

A design for life. 

Want to find out more? 

Email us at or head over to our contact page.

A design for life.